Chanel Business Affinity Backpack

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  1. Hi - I'm contemplating on buying this backpack...does anyone own it and any thoughts?

    Can anyone share some pictures as well?

    Thank you!
  2. Please post a photo or a link. Thanks!
  3. IMG_1301.JPG
  4. It is super nice. Try to look up some reviews on YouTube . I was considering it as well but I prefer to go with the business affinity flap bag.
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  5. just bought few days ago for my gf 22894627_10155924227897318_1149552674_n.jpg
  6. It’s stunning, what country did you buy it in?
  7. hi Anna, i bought it in Sydney Australia. This is the only bag i've seen that has caviar all round (most of those available on youtube has smooth calf skin on the back and bottom) -> hence the purchase at 1st glance :smile:
  8. Great choice! The color is amazing and I am pretty sure it’s not available here in US. Your GF will love it!
  9. Does anyone know if Business Affinity backpack is still available this year (2018) to buy? or is only last year bag.
    thanks :smile:
  10. This is available this season too... Act 2 :smile:
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  11. Thanks!!!
  12. Anyone knows for business affinity backpack price in euros?? :smile:
  13. Here it is from the US website
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  14. Thanks for sharing!!!
  15. No problem, here it is from German website 3950 euros