Chanel Bucket Bag

Jun 18, 2012
Hello anyone bought a Chanel bucket this season or the last season? How are they holding up?

I’m really interested on these 2 design but really can’t decide which one. I don’t like the past bucket bag (the one with a pocket on the side, don’t know the bag name) that the handle strap is connected on the brim of the bag, there’s not enough support and it’s too soft that it tends to sag at the bottom. If anyone bought any of these bucket bags, can you please share your thoughts?




May 4, 2009
I have the same bag as pochacco80 and absolutely love it! I tried it on in the boutique, and couldn't stop thinking about it. It was from 20P. It's more of a single chain on the shoulder bag, cannot really go crossbody which is a bummer. I kind of wish there was a handle to go crook of the arm, but regardless the lghw against the calfskin is beautiful.