Chanel Bubble Quilt Jersey

  1. Ladies-does anyone have any thoughts on the large bubble quilt made out of jersey? I was debating on it yesterday-but freaked over 2450 price tag for a bag made of jersey. Does jersey hold up or should I just pass?

    Oh yes, and to top it all off-I walked from NM to Chanel in short hills and asked about the bubble quilt in the jersey material. The sales girl told me they don't buy the jersey bags-as she was holding a coco croco in jersey.......Someone please rationalize this for me!!!
  2. oooh I saw it IRL on Saturday memyself, and it is absolutely amazing. Like you, I thought, how can this bag be worth this much? but it looks INCREDIBLE on!!! A lady purchased it in grey while I was there, and she just wore it so well, I definately want one now, even my husband said he liked it, which is praise indeed ;) :biggrin:
  3. The bag is leather on the inside which is nice :biggrin: I just bought my first Chanel which is the black jersey! I love it, i was also thinking about how it would hold up but It should be fine because jerseys are pretty durable :biggrin:
  4. I just bought the grey jersey bubble quilt flap bag today. Its my first chanel!! I absolutely love this bag and really hope that it is something I keep and use for a long time. It certainly cost enough!! So much so, that both my mum and boyfriend made me feel VERY guilty about buying. Does anyone else get guilt trips after buying chanel??

    Anyway, I love it and cant wait to start using it!

    I also saw the large jersey black bubble quilt bag. It is gorgeous too - but I did wonder whether it would catch fluff and dust easily as it is black wool jersey? I decided on the small grey flap as I wanted something smaller, that I think looks casual but I reckon could also be used on dressy occasions when required.
  5. does anyone have a picture??
  6. I dont know how to post a photo of my own bag but the grey bubble quilt I bought today is very similar to this (see link below) - but in grey jersey. I love it!

    The large black bubble quilt bag is on the chanel website - click on europe/ english version and then go to accessories - fall/ winter 07 - there is a photo of Linda Evangelista (I think) holding it in the first photo ad.

    What do you think of it?
  7. I am pretty sure I'll be in the minority here, but I don't like this bag at all... I tried it on at the boutique yesterday (large black version), and it kind of felt like a diaper bag... I can't explain it, but it did not feel or look all that impressive.
  8. is this it? or is it different?

    i went on the European and saw the picture but its kinda hard to see! Jersey material right--not leather?
  9. Thats a lovely bag but that wasnt the one I was thinking of.

    Go to then go to europe/ english site.

    Then click fashion - it should open up into a flash window

    Then click on 'accessories'

    Then 'Fall/ winter 07/08'

    It should take you to another flash window - and it should be a picture of Linda Evagenlista (spelling??) holding two bags. One is what I think is the black jersey large bubble quilt and then a smaller bag in front of it.
  10. Just clicked on the website again to check its still there. And it is, but its not a photo of Linda Evagenlista - I think its Milla Jochovich (my spellings atrocious I know!) Too much of the christmas spirit!!
  11. i've had a jery flap (two-sided) for years. i use it almost everyday when i first got it and thereafter only a few times a year. a few months ago, the mood struck and i decided to take it our of its dust bag and was horrified to see that there were holes in it!!!! long story short, it can't be repaired... that's the last time i buy anything jersey. considering what they charge, it certainly is not worth the price.
  12. I have been using my bubble quilt jersey since I got it in Oct. It's the one in the ad. It holds up pretty well and fit quite alot. The material does fluff a little but it's ok on the whole. I did have a guilt trip after buying it though. But I have to say it's my fav chanel bag so far. No regrets. If u are going to store it, u would probably have to put in some mothballs so they aon't get to it.
  13. Or cedar chips - works equally to moth balls, minus the disgusting smell.
  14. OMG - how did the holes appear? From moths? Or was it from catching on clothes/ zippers etc and you hadnt noticed?

    I hope I dont have any regrets about buying my jersey flap bubble quilt. I think it looks really lovely and cutting edge (but classy at same time). I still feel VERY guilty about the price though!! Glad to know that someone else got a guilt trip about buying chanel too!!

    But if I hadnt spent it on this bag, I would only have spent it on some other rubbish - at least this way, I get a lovely looking bag which will hopefully (fingers crossed!) last me a long time.
  15. i think the bag is cute but i would never buy a jersey bag, IMO. it's just not worth the money spent on a non-leather bag especially the storage / longevity part kills me! if you love it, go for it! you know, life's too short.. :graucho: