Chanel Bubble Quilt Bowler... dark beige or brown??

  1. Hey ladies,

    I recently saw the bubble quilt collection and fell in love with the bowler!
    which color of the bubble bowler do you all prefer? I have only seen the brown in real life but it seems like the dark beige is a huge favorite of a lot of women.
    Does anyone have any pictures of the two colors next to each other? Or even separate pics would be great. If any bubble bowler owners out there can describe the tones in the color, that would be great help also.
    I know it's been out for a little while so hopefully, i'll be able to find one!! thanks in advance!! jenn
  2. I love the chocolate its sooo beautiful! just yummy!
  3. my order of preference is chocolate brown, dark beige, green, then white. but they're all very pretty. i think it'd be hard to make a decision without seeing all the colors in person. good luck--would love to see pics when you've made your choice!
  4. i love the chocolate.... i think the darkwhite is cute for the flap but for the bowler i would say chocolate then dark beige.

    good luck! post pics when u get it! :p
  5. ^I agree. The chocolate brown is just so yummy in this leather and in this style.

    -Stephanie (pond23)
  6. thanks for all of your opinions! looks like chocolate is the fav so far. i'm still calling around to see if any one store has both so i can compare the colors irl. if anyone has any pics,i would greatly appreciate it. thanks!!
  7. i prefer the choc too! easier colour to maintain as well, but both are very pretty.
  8. I have seen the brown, green and dark beige. Chocolate was my favorite -- the leather looks the richest in this color IMO.
  9. OH NO!! My NM SA says that there are completely sold out of the dark beige color and that NM only got 20 in of that color and style in the whole country!!

    I love the chocolate brown too but I decided on the dark beige since I do already have 2 browns and I like the olive and gray tones in the dark beige. Just my luck, to decide on a color and have it sold out.:sad:

    I'm gonna try the Chanel boutiques next but I REALLY love the $100 NM gift cards I get with every $1000 I spend. That would have been almost $300 off a Chanel wallet or something! BOOO!

    If anyone spots a dark beige bubble quilt, please let me know!! I will be desperately callling around.. thanks!!!
  10. Geez, why don't I get the $100 gift card for every 1K spent??? and I've spent thousands an NM :-/ is that some kind of special plan on the NM charge card?
  11. Oh no sorry to hear they do not have any more dark beige but I liked Chocolate brown better.
  12. You can contact Kiet Chu from Houston Chanel, phn number 713-850-0055
  13. oh it's for the very first time you open a NM account. That's when you spend loads to rack up on the gift cards! I'm getting bags for me and 2 girlfriends! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

  14. I see.... good to know! Thanks for sharing that tip ;)