Chanel Brushed Gold Hardware?

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  1. I just saw a Chanel quilted handbag with what appears to be faded/worn gold hardware. The owner said the gold wasn't worn off, it's actually called brushed gold and is supposed to look like that. I've recently became a Chanel fan so I've never seen this kind of hardware. Has anyone ever heard of this? The bag was only about 1 - 2 years old.
  2. Chanel also used brushed gold hw this year on some seasonal lambskin flaps like the brown and brushed gold hardware combo.
  3. My 10A Taupe Lambskin has the brushed gold hardware. It is gorgeous!


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  4. does anyone know what bag colors were offered with the brushed gold hardware? tia ladies!!
  5. ^Larkie- do you mean in the classic flaps or in general?
  6. ^i'd prefer one of the classic bags with the brushed gold hardware!
  7. How about Red/black python jumbo with Matt gold hardware :graucho:?
  8. ^wow that must be gorgeous but i think no more pythons for me!
  9. Thanks the graceful1, girlofpace, and gaga_ser. I believe the purse I saw was the bubble quilt hobo, and it was a gorgeous purse. I better start saving my money for it now. :smile: