Chanel brush HELP!

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  1. To me I think the first one. It seems like it would be easier to line eyes with. I think I even have that brush which I use bascially to line. I don't think I ever used for eyeshadow but guess I could.
  2. I would also say the first brush would be best, I have the 2nd one and its way to hard. Very stiff and pokey, lol
  3. thanks! Decided to go with the 1st also because of the same reasons stated.
  4. moving to the MAKE UP forum . . . please only ask make up related questions in there in the future.
  5. I have all three brushes. You picked the best one. The others are good for brows and cake liner. You should try # 10 and 3 brushes. they are excelent.