Chanel Brown Cambon Tote

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  1. Ladies:

    I am researching my Xmas present from hubby. I like to do the legwork etc so that I end up with something I truly want.

    I am pondering the Chanel Cambon tote in dark brown with black patent CC's in the corner. It has 2 straps and a zipper so is a useful style. Do you think it will become dated quickly? I see many of the black Cambons with the white CC's but rarely see the brown and black combo. It is much more subtle. The bag retails for $1375 at Bloomingdale's.

    I also looked in the Chanel Boutique on 57th street in NYC and was disappointed in the assortment. They had better styles at Bloomingdale's.

    Thanks so much,
  2. I don't think it will be dated at all. I think eventually the Cambon line will be gone. Once this happens, I think the bag will be in demand, as they will be so hard to get.
  3. I have never seen Brown with Black CC's before... do you have a pic?

    I just bought the Balck with Black Patent CC's - it should be here tomorrow :yahoo:

    I wondered about it becoming dated also, but then I thought, it's CHANEL :nuts:
  4. It's a more 'trendy' Ligne of chanel, but it'll still never be truly 'dated' IMO.
    Snatch that brown while you can, brown is hard to find!
  5. I've never seen a dark brown Cambon with black CC's. Sounds gorgeous!! Get it!
  6. I thought the brown Cambon had darker brown CC's? Maybe they're so dark they look black?
  7. Wow, brown and black divine! :yes:
  8. Yep what swanky said is correct! the CCs are a dark dark brown and not black... my friend has the baby bowling bag in brown and the CCs on her bag are dark brown, almost black. I personally love this colour combination the best (for cambon bags) so you should definitely get it!!! =) its really nice!
  9. Thanks girls. Perhaps the CC's were a dark brown but it was under Bloomigdale's lighting so was hard to tell. PLus the counter ws very crowded etc. Anyhow the brown leather part was a lovely shade and I liked the purse as the CC's did not scream Chanel but were very subtle. Unfortunately I can not find a picture. There is nothing like it on the Chanel website and the other stores do not post Chanel pictures any longer.

    The strange thing is I had gone to the Chanel boutique on 57th street,thinking they woudl have the best selection and they did not even have this brown purse. Neither did Saks. I am tending to think perhaps Bloomingdales sells the trendier ones.

    Anyhow it is a lovely purse and if it becomes mine I will post a picture.

    Thanks again. You are all dolls.

  10. I have never seen it but it sounds lovely. Good lluck.
  11. I think I said before that brown is getting VERY hard to find. Cambons are not 'newer' bags, so a lot of stores just don't have them any longer.
    If you wnat that brown, I'd get back to that store ASAP!
    Chanel may not be making them anymore.:shrugs:
  12. I think it would look beautiful, get it!