Chanel brooch with necklace?

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  1. Hi there I couldn't find a thread about this so here it goes..
    I've been looking at the chanel necklaces and they are very pricey so I was wondering do any of you buy a chanel brooch and team it up with a pearl necklace of your own? Would it be a cheaper alternative? If you bought your own pearls (real ones) I thought this was a good idea but I'm not sure how it would look :-/?
    I've been wanting chanel pearls for a while but they are glass :sad: I don't think I could hand over that much money when you could get real pearls for some of the prices!...
  2. This is one of the reasons why I started buying brooches first so I can pin it on my jackets, scarfs, headbands, and necklaces
  3. How much would you say they cost? I live in uk..
  4. Agree! I love Chanel brooches, both camellia flowers and also the seasonal ones! They are different and the pearls seem to be done to death :/