Chanel Bronze Reissue, Finally!

  1. Bronze reissue jumbo 228 will ship next Friday, after what seems to be forever. I put Smoothopter's bronze on my favorites. Did not want to go searching needed that instant fix. Must excitement in our house, Fed Ex man will leave it with my neighbor. Would love to get the navy, copper, gold, and dark silver. Hope the colors will be nice. I am sure someone will post pictures when ever they become available. 57TH, or the 1/800 number did not have reference numbers available. At least they said no numbers available until next week. My SA here will not get her Intranet references until mid week. I will post numbers when :yes: :tender: they become available. Will also be looking out if someone locates them sooner.
  2. Congrats ktown! I love the photos of Smooth's bronze.
  3. Thanks, roey! I think it is such a beautiful bag. Lucky enough to have the anniversary 2005 issue in black. This will be a welcome addition. I am attempting to build for my daughter a collection of 255's and classic flaps in many, many, wonderful colors. Also, I will continue with the Lux bag collection. When it is all said and done I would like for her to be able to say that my mom gave me her time, love, teaching, sometimes called sermons, and a strong sense of right and wrong. Also, my mom built for me an outstanding collection of Chanel bags and clothes. I really enjoy this child, she is a joy. I am a very fortunate mother. I am thankful each and every day for this treasure that has been intrusted to me.
  4. Your daughter is very lucky! My Mom is a wonderful woman, but she wouldn't know a Chanel bag if it hit her upside the head. Are you the member who's daughter has the gold luxe bowler?
  5. OOOH! :squealing!:

    Can't wait to see photos!
  6. Congratulations!!! You're gonna LOVE the color.:yes:
  7. roey,
    She it the one with the Lux gold bowler. This is such an amazing child. Sometimes, I wonder how could I have ever been so blessed. Her mother, my daughter died when she was only a few weeks old. my daughter had a VIRAL MYOCARDITIS. Died with no warning, just dropped dead. I adopted her an brought her back to Europe with me. She speaks fluent French, German, and will perfect her Spanish also. Very, very, beautiful but never that in your face look at me behavior, that is vulgar, not good. Outstanding student, does well in school.I promised my daughter in her casket that I would devote evey day of my life to sending out into the world an outstanding young woman, a good and caring person . Each and every day I try and keep this promise.
  8. Swanky,
    I have no idea how to post pics. I will take some pictures and ask for help from this side. Of couse, I will get ,mom you must learn how to use these modern things. Swanky, I will for sure ask for your help. After someone has shown you something a zillion times and you ask again, uhmmmmmmmmm. So, now I will just ask you a zillion times, lol.
  9. Swanky,
    Almost forgot, if you can get some reference numbers for the 2.55's from the new Cruise collection would you please be so kind as to post. I will continue from my side also. This may be difficult to believe but I can sometimes get information quicker from the states than Paris, strange!!!!!!!

    I was just thrilled when japskvit posted about these new colors. What do you think? I am trying to get into my mind how metallic distressed patent / distressed patent will look. Please help me with a visual.
  10. ^^^ ktown, you are such an amazing woman -one of my good friends recently lost her mother to cancer, and it made me appreciate my mother sooooooo much more -it's wonderful that you were able to take the great responsibility of taking your granddaughter in as your own, im positive that you both have been blessed with having one another in your lives!! ...and im sure youre teaching her alot about life, and fabulous bags too :]
  11. I have the numbers at the office. I will post this week. (can't access PF at work anymore - LOL!!)
  12. I saw a girl carrying it this week and fell in love..... I love way too many bags this year...
  13. janny328,
    Thanks so much. We are such a good team together, she keeps me in line. Somtimes I will ask myself, "who is the mother in this story?" If I had had been able to figure out things so well at age 16 , oh well ,we won't go there. I hope and pray everyday that things will go well for her in life. Also, I pray that I will be around to meet the man that she will marry. I will have a few choice instructions for him. First, and foremost never ever hurt her in any way, treasure her as I do. If not he would never have a day of peace. My spirit would be with him every second of him life day and night, never any peace, LOL. It would not be a pretty picture. My daughter died and left this child to my keeping. I will give her away to someone else for safe keeping. He damn well better be straight, I am no nonense about concerning this child.
  14. japskvit,
    You are on it, just jump right on that computer asap in the morning. You are just so on it!!!!!! You saw someone with a 2.55 from the new cruise collection? I did not realize that they were actually out as of yet. Same here, we like way to many bags . I will try and collect the new colors in the cruise 2.55 collection. Which color did you see? Then The plum and navy on the classic flap in the new collection. Also, the metallic bronze flap from the lux collection. I hope it is the same size as the metallic black flap from spring.
  15. Ktown, your daughter was blessed with a wonderful mother.