Chanel Brand Loyalty article...

  1. Oh Wow! Thanks for posting this....I wish I had her closet!!!!!! (the dog's cute too....)
  2. I love her collection :love: I could also see a Birkin :nuts:
  3. woooooooooooooooow

    she's my idol :smile:
    thanx for the post..u made me wanna buy more !
  4. i'm half jealous and half in awe. wat a lucky gal!
  5. Love them all!!!!!! Wow!
  6. Wow ... I'd love to walk in my closet and see all those bags sitting there! Definitely a drool-worthy collection!:love:
  7. I wish those bags were in my closet. :lol:
  8. Wow great collection.
  9. Amazing collection! I am wish I had all those Chanels! Now I really want to buy another some more!
  10. bags are an addiction just like drugs.
  11. Well said, Grl_next_door!
  12. oh, im jealous, I would love her collection!
  13. I Need This Closet....Talk About A Collection!
  14. Wow, that really looks like a Chanel store in the pic! :nuts: I'm impressed!
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