Chanel Boy ?

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  1. So, I bought my first and only Chanel boy a few months ago. I have been eyeing the bag for a very, very long time. I have always wanted this bag. To make a long story short, I have used it once to go to my parents house in 4 months-ish. I do not use the bag because I do not want to look uppity, it doesn't go with my outfit, seems silly for running errands, ect ect. Should I return it? I was thinking with the return, I could buy a Valentino Glam Lock and a Givenchy Antigona which I would feel more inclined to use. I am torn because I realize a Chanel is a classic bag, it's beautiful, and is something I have always wanted. I will be sad to see it go. Could I buy the other bags? Sure, but it also seems excessive when I start adding up the costs.
  2. Chanel is a very nice bag and I would think the same like you, it's to flashy to run errands, but unfortunately I don't think u can't return becuz as what I know they only accept return within 14 days.
  3. I bought it at NM. I have the tags, wrapped the way it came, box, and receipt.
  4. You should not return a used bag, however short you say you used it. No one wants to buy a bag that has been used.
  5. No, that's fair. I could still sell it online, so the point really is moot.
  6. I think the boy is very casual and would be perfect for running errands or whatever. In my opinion everyday is a special occasion and bags are meant to be used and enjoyed. But if you feel really uncomfortable using it, then sell and buy the ones you'd use. But before doing so I'd recommend using it for a week before you do so in case you get seller's remorse.
  7. I just bought a black caviar boy for everyday use. (I work from home so I wear it to run errands). If you don't wear it, I would def sell and buy the Valentino or givenchy bag you're eyeing!
  8. +1 I do the same. I totally understand your dilemma, I worried too that I would look too uppity, but ah well. I love the darn thing so much! Plus I wear jeans and a tee most the time and I think it looks super rad juxtaposed. I also agree that you should consider carrying it for a week to see if you change your mind. :smile:
    Good luck with your decision!
  9. Why do you care if you look uppity? You used your hard earned money to buy a bag you love. People will always judge, but who cares? I use my wocs at the supermarket and my classic flaps even at the mall. I worked hard to buy these bags and I'm going to use them without guilt. Good luck in deciding!
  10. To me a Chanel Boy is a more casual bag and like cityivy said, who cares what other people think! A Givenchy Antigona is still a luxury bag so there will be judgement that comes along with wearing it too. Make the decision based on what makes you happy and how the bag fits into your lifestyle and not based on what other people think!! Also please don't return a used bag even if used only once, please consider how you'd feel if you bought a bag that was used...they don't take returns off the shelf, they turn around and sell to the next person...Good Luck :smile:
  11. Hmm, try forcing yourself to use it more and then decide. If you really don't like the way it looks with your outfits then maybe try selling it. Do you know which color antigona you're looking for? A bunch are on sale right now for 40% off!
  12. +1 :tup:

    If you like it, use it and enjoy it and don't worry about how it looks to others, you don't wear it for them. My guess is this is like getting your engagement ring -> I remember that when I first got it from my hubby/then fiancée, I kept being very self conscious wearing it and seriously STARES at it each time i'm at a stop light in traffic or whatever (dangerously distracted by it). However, after a few weeks, it's a part of me and I am no longer self conscious about it. I love it still of course and still stare at it with love (especially when I'm not lazy and actually clean it up) but it's just something I love and enjoy and I do not ever think about what other people think about me wearing a diamond ring. maybe it's like this?

    at the end - only matters how much do you like it. don't trade down for the sake of others. they won't do it for you. and frankly those who judge - realize that it's their problem - not yours. :shrugs:
  13. Thank you all for your replies!! I will try and use it and see how it goes. Don't worry everyone, I won't return it. I bought the bag from a major retailer and they told me it was a return from a woman who used it, so I already knew that coming in.
  14. I am looking for the Givenchy Antigona in nude/pink in small. Do you know if that one is on sale??

  15. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1464056148.211661.jpg
    This one?! I literally just opened mine! Haha. Yes! I ordered it last Friday from it was on sale for about 40% off!