Chanel Boy WOC


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Aug 4, 2009
Hi, I’m a new poster so hope I’m posting this correctly! I plan to make my first new Chanel purchase and have decided on boy woc. I’m in Scotland and shielding at the moment so can’t travel to a boutique - Chanel does not have one innScotland anyway. So, I’m hoping someone can advise me pls.
I like the current Spring/ Summer 2020 style on the website which is navy blue chevron grained leather with short leather piece on boy style chain. However, I want it in navy quilted grained leather. I think this model was available in 2019 but the leather piece in chain strap seems a lot longer. Can anyone confirm this for me pls and has anyone purchased 2020 boy woc and can tell me their thought on it pls? Grateful for any responses. Thanks