Chanel boy woc vs trendy woc

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Which one is better

  1. Boy woc

  2. Trendy woc

  1. D97A34A4-FC6E-4F73-A499-8BC485DDDB5A.png I am thinking of buying a woc and can’t decide which one is better. Both look great in my opinion but I want one that would last long. I have heard that because the classic woc and the boy woc have problems on the edges because of the chain rubbing so I don’t know if that could be a great big con factor.

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  2. I love the boy WOC. Just bought one!
  3. I prefer the trendy.
  4. Both are pretty but if you’re looking for something to last very long, lambskin + light colour such as the trendy might not be preferable (plus it might go out of style in the next few years, unlike the boy which has established itself as more classic).
  5. Trendy if you don’t mind lambskin