Chanel Boy vs Chanel Boy with Jacket

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Keep my Boy or sell to get the Boy Jacket?

  1. Keep Current Boy

    42 vote(s)
  2. Sell Current Boy

    5 vote(s)
  1. Hi everyone. I would like your input to decide what to do. I want to know your opinion on which Boy bag is worth getting and will not look dated and still be worth more in the preloved market.

    I currently own a Chanel Boy in "light brown" lambskin. It was just purchased in Dec 2019 at Neiman Marcus. The color is beautiful which is why I purchased it. HOWEVER initially I wanted the "jacket version" (with chain link that goes around the flap) but it was not available and my SA told me she was not sure if they would receive one in the light brown. Since I know the jackets are seasonal I decided to purchase the "standard" Boy which is the bag I have today. Well I went to the store and now they DO have the Boy Jacket I wanted in the same light brown color as mine! I paid $5k for mine, and the jacket version is $400 more. I dont mind the price difference however I will have to sell mine (for a fast sale I can use Fashionphile) in order to get the jacket version.

    Friends, which Boy bag will stand the test of time? Or, in your opinion, are they both equal? I'm wondering if 10 yrs down the line the jacket version will not be desirable, and as I age it may be too trendy (however I just live that bag!). I'm not sure how much Fashionphile will give me for my bag, but I know they wont give me what I paid. By selling my bag I will not break even. I will loose money AND have to pay the $400 difference. So technically I will be spending more then retail price since Fashionphile, if I'm lucky, will only offer $4k or so, maybe slightly less. Uuugh! If they offer my $4700 or $4800 for my bag I may go ahead and get the jacket version. Or, should I just be happy with what I have and save my money? Lol. I will post 2 pictures of my current Boy bag and 1 of the Boy Jacket bag. 596926886.jpg 20191205_160212.jpg 20200114_190657.jpg
  2. I vote regular but I personally don’t like the chain trimmed version. Go with what you love, because that’s what matters, go with what you feel is the prettiest
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    Thank you Amandacasey for your vote. I appreciate it. :smile: The jacket version I ALWAYS wanted. It is a bummer that I just didnt wait for the EXACT bag to show up, however I felt it was a gamble. I did not want to pass up on the Boy bag I purchased to wait on a maybe. At the end, I do not want to loose a lot in selling my current Boy either just to get the jacket. I mean really, it is NOT that serious! I am wondering tho by getting the jacket version if the value of the bag is less then the standard version? I want to go with what is also financially smart as well. Help. Lol
  4. My vote goes for keeping your “regular” Boy. The lock is more classy than in this new Boy jacket. However, if you could track down the Boy jacket from several years ago, I would vote for that, since the lock is different than now. The current seasons lock is just too busy in my opinion. Having that said, I think the Boy you own will stand the test of time better. Good luck deciding!
  5. Another vote for regular. I like the simple classy design of the regular, the jacket version is too loud in my opinion. Hope that helps.
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  6. Hi Tatonz! Yes it DOES help! Thank you so much for taking the time to vote. :smile:
  7. I prefer the boy jacket without the quilted lock! So if you're able to find one of those from a few seasons ago, I vote jacket with classic lock. I really feel like the lock on the new boy jacket looks weird? Your current boy is pretty!
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  8. AE888, thank you much for casting a vote! Wow it looks like everyone that has voted states they like my bag better. Lol. I like that busy CC lock personally. Hahaha. However even tho I like it, I want to have a bag that will stand the length of time. These bags are extreamly expensive. I want whatever bag I purchase to MAKE me money if I ever decide to sell. Thank you so much for voting! You helped me! :smile:
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  9. Hey Nashpoo! Wow, finally someone for the jacket! Lol. I personally love the new CC lock. Lol. In order for me to get this jacket bag I would have to sell my current boy. I paid $5k for it in December. I won't get that back. There are more cons then pros. Perhaps I'll keep my eyes open for a preloved one in a different color. Hopefully it will be cheaper being used. That may be the best thing to do. Thank you for voting! :smile:
  10. Let’s be real- though these bags hold their value pretty well, you will never actually likely MAKE money selling it down the road, unless it was something really sought after that you bought right away and sold to someone really wanting it (example, Chanel 19 bags on eBay right now going for a huge increase bc they are in current season and hard to get). But realistically, if you sell a Chanel bag down the road, you will probably just break even. So don’t focus on what will make you money because all the classics are always kept in stock, so there’s no reason a buyer would pay an inflated price for something they can always get. That being said, I don’t know much about the jackets but again, I don’t think the resell value is anything great. People will probably disagree with me but I’ve never really made a profit selling my Chanel’s, usually just broke even or had to take a bit of a hit. And based on reading through your responses on this thread, that’s the one that is stuck in your heart. So keep trying to find that one that you love, because everyone’s perspective is different. For example I LOVE the mixed metals chain of the 19 bag whereas I’ve read that some don’t. It would never change the fact that I love it. Listen to your heart- it’s screaming out for that jacket
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  11. I love boy jackets!! I have two and I think they add something fun ti thr classic boy. I'm sure one will pop up on the pre loved market ! If you see one I think you should go for it

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  12. Keep your current one. The lock on the jacket looks overdone
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  13. I love your current boy bag, more than the jacket but that is my opinion. For the prices you pay 5K is a lot for a bag you are not in love with. It sounds like your heart is with the jacket bag but youre trying to justify the second option as a resale thing. I agree with poster above that these bags won't make you money or even break even. Unless you are an influencer and doing a blog sale or something. Any chance you can return the boy bag if its less than a month old at Neiman Marcus? Not sure if you have used it or not. I think decide what you love the most! Will you be happy wearing and enjoying your current boy bag?
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  14. Hi MNL! I went to the store again to look at this jacket bag. It hasn't sold yet
    Wow Nashpoo! Your Boys (well all 3 of the bags) are gorgeous! EYE CANDY!!! :smile: Yes I think I'm liking the standard one now more OR the standard jacket like yours as I discuss this delemia with you all. :smile: I agree more with what others have said on this post that the CC closure on the new jacket is a bit much. I do not think so when it is alone, but when combined with the jacket yes. What I would love is the new CC fancy closure on a standard Boy. :smile: I'm leaning more and more on just keeping my Boy I have. Thank you for the continued conversations! Anything re bags is always a pleasure discussing! :smile:
  15. Hi MNL. Ooops I sent my message to you without first completing it! I am going to keep my current Boy. I'm so grateful for the Purse Forum. I love being able to get on and get some help and insight on bags. Everyone here has made valid points that all helped me decide that I am better sticking with the one Boy I have. In all honesty, if I didnt have my current Boy now, I would have bought this fancy Boy jacket! It is one that I have been desiring, even with all the business going on. Lol. However to sell mine and loose money and then spend more money to get the jacket version does not make financial sense. Hummm...spending $5k on my current bag doesnt make financial sense either I suppose but I have to draw the line somewhere right!? Hahaha. Thank you for your input! It is so valued! :smile:
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