Chanel boy vs chanel boy with handle

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Which chanel should I go for?

  1. Chanel Boy with handle --> beige

  2. Chanel boy --> grey

  3. Chanel flap bag with handle (coco) -->beige

  1. I went into the chanel store yesterday and fell in love with both bags... I ended up buying the chanel boy with handle in beige but my heart is also with the boy without handle in grey. I am thinking of going back to chanel tomorrow to check out the flap chanel with handle (pictured below) and do the exchange for a beige if they have it
    .. what do you guys think between these 3 options?

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  2. I like the gray boy. Personally for me, i think the boy looks better without the handle. And I like the gray color better.
  3. Gray Boy, no handle for me too!
  4. I really like the beige Boy with handle, I would keep it.
  5. I’m feeling the beige boy with handle too.
  6. What about the boy with handle vs the coco Chanel handle?
  7. No handle for me too.
  8. I like the gray boy. The gray/gold combo is beautiful imo
  9. grey boy, no handle.
  10. On second thought, I would go for the beige Coco Handle. I think that shade of beige is breathtaking and uncommon (hint of pink undertones? yes please!), and I prefer the GHW against that beige versus over the grey Boy. I would choose both over the beige Boy with handle though.
  11. grey boy without handle! I love grey with gold hw :heart:
  12. If you like a Boy style.. them definitely No handle. But if you want a bag with handle ( most ladies would like the handle option ).. then skip the Boy for now and look for another seasonal style with Handle. Just like the one u showed.. or Business Affinity or Coco Handle etc.... every season.. there's at east 1 of such bag..
    Some styles are just meant to look Clean cut. Boys are better without the handles =)
  13. no handle for me - looks weird IMO[emoji848][emoji847]
  14. Heres how the boy looks like with the handle, i went to 3 chanel stores today to see if they had the coco and I thought the coco was too bulky on the sides, and every sales person told me to keep what I already had bc its hard to find
    The struggle is real haha

    IMG_6943.JPG IMG_6944.JPG

  15. Which boutique has the grey boy bag? Is it caviar?
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