Chanel boy vs Celine phantom

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  1. I am new here on purseforum,and i need a help,i do not know ,what i should buy Chanel boy vs Celine phantom ?How do you rate the both in direct comparison:1) Quality of product (stitching/leather/zips/clasp)2) Durability of leather3) Versatility in usage*,and if its boy ,should i go for patent or woven with gold.4) Outlook and image
    I have Red clutch from 2013 caviar,and easy caviar black large.
    Now i do not know,what to do,i have credit in the Saks,i returned crosbody chanel from 2013 collection,and i do not like to spend my credit for nothing,maybe my choice should be jewerly?Please help me with advice)))
  2. These are 2 completely different bags. I have tried the Celine phantom and while I like the look of it, it is a huge bag. For me it was just to big, bulky, and heavy. In my opinion the boy bag is more versatile in the smaller medium or larger medium size. You can wear this bag for daytime and nighttime. Good luck!
  3. Thank you))what do you think boy patent or lambskin looks better?
  4. agree with poster above, I have a phantom and it is heavy you can fit 3 boy bags in there. They are also very different in what they offer functionality wise so I guess the question would be what would go better with your every day life? Do you want a longer strap or to carry the bag in your hand all day. do you want a lot of room or not? I would say save your credit for a bit and see what the new spring releases have in store, and check out the Celine forum and the comparison pics size etc
  5. Thanks its very nice you found a time to reply)you know its not easy save credit))just cant decide,my friend keep advice spend money on cartier ring))
  6. This is a very odd request of a comparison…As stated by others, these are COMPLETELY different types of bags. The boy is a small-medium bag and does not hold much. The phantom is HUGE!!!! They are both quality bags. I think you need to ask yourself the following questions: Do I like small bags or big bags? Do you carry a lot of things with you (the phantom is going to hold quadruple what the boy can hold)?, Do you want something you can easily fit over your shoulder for hands/arms free (the boy) or are you ok with a hand held bag (phantom)? Oh my, the list goes on…I think you really need to think about what your individual needs are in a bag. They are honestly both fabulous for different reasons. I have a boy that i'm in love with and while I do not have a phantom bc it is waaayyyy to big for my 5'2" petite frame, I have a micro luggage that I love. Good luck in your decision. :smile:
  7. I agree with everything the other ladies cite. The Phantom is truly huge and much heavier than say a Chanel maxi flap. The boy is indeed very small and making a comparison in functionality between a boy and the Phantom is like comparing apples to oranges. Quality wise I think both Chanel and Celine make beautiful bags. I strongly suggest you visit both boutiques (or Saks as you have a return) and play with the bags before you make a decision. If you prefer a hand carried bag you may want to check out the Celine luggage bag. I use it more often than my Phantom because it is smaller in size and lighter than the Phantom. Good luck in your quest. Shopping for your next bag is almost as fun as bringing it home!