Chanel Boy Small vs Medium??? or Mini???


Oct 27, 2014
What do you think of this Small Chanel Boy??? Trying to decide between a small Chanel boy and Chanel Mini rectangle (both are similar in size). Or should I go up a size to the Chanel Boy Medium??

This is a Chanel Boy Small: Mauve Glazed Calfskin with Patent trim and Silver Hardware

Love the small size and how it falls on my body cross body. Not so sure about the color way. Would prefer a neutral bag: Black/Beige/Taupe/Grey... What do you think of this color???


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Oct 7, 2015
I think it looks great! The small boy holds a little more than a rectangular mini but costs about a $1000 more.....The color is pretty and looks great with the outfit you have on in the picture. I think the boy is better for casual wear than a mini too. Good Luck!
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Apr 9, 2013
I LOVE the small sized boy best of all (although I am biased as I own one!). I can't fit masses in mine but enough for a day out and anything I have to sacrifice is worth it in my opinion! I also really like this colour and I'm very much a 'safe' colour kind of person. I think it's neutral enough but also different enough if that makes sense!


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Jun 28, 2015
Love how the size small looks on your frame. It seems perfect (I'm jealous, I'm taller and can't pull off the small size so had to go for old medium).

The color is a nice neutral, versatile, would not "go out of style", and unique enough that you won't walk down the street and see loads of twins.


Oct 28, 2011
I love this mauve color. I think it actually works well as a neutral, there's not much you can't wear it with. I think it's quite pretty, typically I don't like the glazed leather, but here I don't mind it.


Mar 15, 2012
I have both a small and medium and I'm 5"2, the small sits nicely cross body on my frame...but so does my medium, but it gives off a different kind of vibe...if I had to choose one I think I'd go with the small, cause that was what I purchased first...I bought the medium mainly cause of the color and stitch-style, and to have a boy that would fit more of course ;p

Think the mauve is a good neutral color, but if your heart's not in it don't get it

That being said...I don't own any minis, and I want one sooo bad!! I own a couple WOCs, but still (also want more WOCs lol)
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Havanese 28

May 4, 2014
I love the small boy and this size looks amazing on you! I'd absolutely choose the Small Boy. As far as the color, it's pretty and its neutral enough, but I would try and find a small boy in another color. I love classic neutrals. Personally, I'd eventually tire of this shade.


Dec 11, 2011
Just to echo the others, I think the muave color could absolutely be a neutral! There's a multitude of colors that would go well with this bag, but at the same time it is unique enough to make it different, and personal. I'm sure you will get some head turns :cool:

That being said, go for what you want and if your heart is not set on this Boy, there is surely another color choice/combo out there for you ;)