Chanel Boy or Classic card holder

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    Hi everyone!

    I’m going to Paris this summer and I’m interested in getting a Chanel piece at the Rue Cambon store (the white packaging speaks to me!) I’m debating between the boy Chanel card holder or the classic card holder. I know it’s probably based on preference of what style you prefer but I would like to know everyone’s thoughts!

    Please also post pictures if you have either or if you suggest another piece, even if from another designer house!
  2. I prefer the classic.
  3. Prefer the classic

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  4. Classic, I just bought it yesterday, it is gorgeous.
  5. Classic.
  6. Classic
  7. Definitely classic. I’m paranoid that the hardware of the boy cardholder sticks out too much and scratch the interior of the bag.
  8. Classic.
  9. I’ve been looking for that boy card holder as it matches my bag. There’s none in US, so if you get a chance to get one I would pick it up:smile:
  10. I would go classic. I really wanted something different and went in to get the boy one but after looking at it I was too afraid that it would scratch any of my bags with the hardware since it stuck out instead of being flat.'s classier anyway! Just my opinion..
  11. I have both, but think the Boy looks way cooler.
  12. Same here, and I agree! But I use Classic in my Chanel bags, and Boy in my LV Bags (Canvas) :smile: Just to avoid scratching the leather inside the Chanel bags.
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  13. Me too!
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  14. Did you decide? I was at the chanel store today at South Coast Plaza and got the classic one in silver. I love it!!!! It looks super sturdy and beautiful. I wouldn’t pick the boy one. I woukd hate to see my bags scratched by this little guy... :biggrin: