Chanel BOY Latest Reveals and Need Advice Please

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  1. I purchased the new large shopping tote "Gold Bar" Collection from the pre fall 2016 in the stunning color dark greige. I will showcase the large tote on my channel next week 😍😍 I feel it's a little big on me, but like the greige color... oh dear.. Advice to keep or return it for a jumbo boy Chanel red lambskin or black chevron? Also which is harder to find black or red?
    Featuring my second Chanel Boy purchase in dark gold, video below 💖💖 Enjoy everyone!

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    Debating the Chanel Boy Jumbo red lambskin or black chevron...

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  3. It depends on how you're gonna use tote, for work, it's roomy and could carry work essentials. I personally like the Black boy chevron!
  4. I prefer the black chevron boy as well.
  5. I prefer the black tri-leather chevron boy among all the bags you showed :smile:
  6. That is a really pretty color. It depends if you'll use a tote-it might be easier if we knew what it looked like on etc. Sometimes the north-south, or square totes are hard to get in and out of....
  7. Will it fit a13" laptop? If it does, it'll be a cute laptop tote!
  8. @EZLN Thats true! and yes the chrevon is gorgeous...but the red oh my 😍😍
  9. I am not a tote person so if you'll ask me, just return and get something that will make your heart sing and still be able to fit your needs.

    As for the boy bag, I vote for the multileather chevron bag. I may be bias coz I have this bag😊 But bias aside, the multi leather Chevron style is a seasonal piece and will never come back. There will always be a red boy bag if you ask me. So I vote for the black chevron bag.
  10. def black chevron boy
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  11. Hi resrobin! True great idea and yes a laptop will fit in the tote.
  12. #12 May 20, 2016
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    I love the red! And ur my total bag sister on the dark gold boy, loved your video! I have it in the old medium size! I'm not a big tote person but you can't go wrong w/ any of your choices! :smile:
  13. Keep the black chevron. I love the chevron, it's beautiful.
  14. +1 for the red
  15. @mae002

    True, it defnitely needs to make my heart sing 😉 Thank you for your response! The chevron is very nice, but I thought the red is hard to find...hmm