Chanel Boy Lambskin with polished GHW or Caviar with RHW???

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  1. Hi!
    Need some advice! I'm deciding between two Chanel Boy Old Medium size.

    Option 1: Chanel Boy Lambskin with polished/shiny gold hardware (see picture). I love the look of this and like how the hardware looks light gold or silver in different lighting. However, I'm afraid of scratches on the hardware and on the lambskin.

    Option 2: Chanel Boy Caviar with ruthenium hardware. This season's caviar is softer and matte, I'm not quite sure how I feel about that. But since I would like to use this bag as an 'everyday' bag, I think I would get more use out of it than the lambskin?

    What are your opinions, advice???

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  2. My vote is for Caviar! I think especially since it's an every day bag, you wouldn't want to see your beloved bag scratched up and dinged.
    Plus I am biased because I think the Boy looks stunning with the ruthenium hardware ;)
  3. My vote is for caviar too. I love this bag with the RHW.
    I'd be worried about the ridged edges of this bag with lambskin.
  4. Oops double post! My internet is acting up, sorry!
  5. Caviar if scratches will bother you. I have the current caviar boy in beige and it has been a work horse so far. Very durable. Good luck deciding!
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  6. I would go with the caviar as you will worry less with this bag.
  7. i'm gonna get a lambskin or smooth calfskin boy bc personally i think caviar on the boy makes it look so stiff and rigid so i'm not a fan at all. why not go somewhere in the middle and get lambskin boy with RHW?? that solves your problem with hardware scratches and also bc you're not really in love with the matte caviar from pre-fall. that's just my opinion, and bc i just told you my dream combo on the boy. hehe i'm saving up for that combo in the small size. (btw, i know where they have old medium in that combo if you're interested, just PM me).
  8. Caviar boy... U won't go wrong with black boy in ruthenium hardware.
  9. Definitely the caviar. I bought the red boy caviar in this season and personally think the matte caviar is pretty and looks chic with the boy. I have a lambskin east west bag and hardly even use the bag but it has scratches on it. Thankfully it is black lambskin but it is very fragile so I don't understand all the posts saying that lambskin is not delicate, it certainly is. At least for me.
  10. Caviar. I think boy looks better in caviar with rhw while classics look better in lamb and shinny hardware. [emoji4] hope this helps.
  11. Great advice! Thanks ladies!
  12. Hey guys. I'm thinking of getting one similar to this. It's red and also has shiny hardware.

    I've never bought a shiny hardware Chanel boy before so was wondering if it scratches easily? Will I have to baby it?

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  13. I have two boys with shiny silver hardware and have used one very regularly for almost a year (the other one is light nude in color, so it gets less use). I change out my bags almost daily, so by "regularly" I mean once or twice a week. The hardware on both has not scratched at all and looks good as new. :biggrin:
  14. Vote for the caviar boy! The lamb boy will easily getting wear on the corners due to the shape of the bag.
  15. I use my boy daily (it has LGHW) and the hardware shows no sign of scratches, only fingerprints which can easily be wiped off.