Chanel Boy: How to buy a genuine pre-owned boy without getting scammed ????

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  1. Hi,

    I'm totally in love with Chanel boy but cannot afford to spend 5k at the moment. I'm leaning towards pre-owned route but seems like it's tough as most of the authenticators do not authenticate Boys or bags having 17 mil series or higher. I still see lots of these bags getting sold in the pre-owned market. How are they getting authenticated? Any ideas?
  2. I would suggest you go with a reputable reseller. In the Chanel forum I believe they have a thread with the names of trusted resellers.
  3. A reputable reseller is the way to go or go to a dept store & put it on a payment plan with the store cc
    if you can do that..
  4. Like hotshot mentioned, some department stores offer payment plans.
    Ex: if you qualify to get a MPA with Saks, you can wait when they offer interest free payment plans (usually 6 months or 12 months).
  5. I started a thread with the title "How to score on a pre-owned Chanel and win every single time" or something to that affect because there were so many scammers.
    To add to the above, since it's a newer generation, you can also get it sent in to a service for authentication. And if it's a reputable seller, there should be a lifetime authenticity guarantee so you can take your time.
  6. Yoogiscloset closet has several of these bags. Considering buying one myself. I have no idea about what colors are popular or what the price should be.
  7. You will find more in the recommended sellers thread but sites I would check out for boy bags are:
    Anns Fabulous Finds
    Fashionhulu on Ebay
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  8. There are a couple of authenticators who will authenticate without having to ship the bag to them, Authenticate4U and Kaleigh Kirby with Reality Check Authentications. I think if you're going to buy on EBay, buy from someone who has plenty of feedback and preferably has some feedback for high end items. I just purchased a boy on EBay and my seller had previously sold Chanel bags and other high end bags with positive feedback. I sent the photos to both of these services and have already gotten the thumbs up from A4U. It's been a week since I sent the photos to Kaleigh and I'm hoping to hear back soon and hope she's just being thorough.

    Another option is to join Facebook groups. There are great people on there and decent deals to be had.
  9. this is true
    I wouldn't recommend it though
    If some of the other reputable paid services like Etinceler and LS won't auth unless in-person, there has got to be a reason why
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  10. Thanks all for your wonderful advises. I ended up buying a boy from eBay. Seller bought it from whatgoesaroundnyc consignment store which I know and had the authentication certificate from them. So I was less scared in buying from her. After receiving I sent it to leather surgeons for further authentication. They have received the bag yesterday and now desperately waiting for their call. Hope it's an authentic bag :smile: thanks again for all the help.
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  11. So glad to hear! Congrats!
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