Chanel boy - good investment in case it gets boring?

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  1. Hi everyone,

    Need some opinions on Chanel Boy. I love the classic but can't carry it off somehow.

    And.. A girl is known to get bored of her bags. Wouldn't wanna let a $6000 bag rot away in my wardrobe.

    If you think chanel boy isn't that worthy of being a heirloom, do let me know your pick :smile:
  2. Does the Classic not look good on you, or does it look too dressy for your everyday wardrobe? Have you ever tried on a mini or small? I’ve never bought any boy bag because I never liked how boxy they are, they don’t sit nicely against the body. Also, the chain tends to slip of your shoulder easily.
  3. It looks weird on me. Like i stole my mum's purse. And I'm in my 30s so that's a little weird. I've tried the jumbo as well as medium. Never mini though- it wouldn't fit my necessities.
  4. No handbag is an investment. If you keep it 10 years or so, through price increases, that's the only way to "make" money on a bag. With that, boys have been declining for quite some time, and you can find them new on resale for 66-75% of retail. Classics are no different. Chanel 19 right now is hot, only in black. But that will fade out too, like all the other "new" Chanel designs did (think Gabrielle). Every now and again, there is a quick flash in the pan of demand for something, but it quickly dissipates since there are 6 collections a year. Chanel makes upwards of 10 million bags a year, the market is saturated. Don't ever buy a handbag for an investment, unless you are investing in something that purely just makes you happy to wear and own.
  5. I agree with the above ^^ I’ve purchased and subsequently sold every single (seasonal) non-classic Chanel I’ve owned.
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  6. Do you like the boy bag ? You don’t say in your post!
    I have one and love it but don’t really think it’s a great “investment”. Probably if you get bored you could sell it but will prob lose 1000-3000 dollars i am guessing.
  7. My first Chanel bag was a boy because I thought the classic wasn’t my style either. I sold it two years later and took about a 1K lost. I find the bag too fussy and not easy to use. It is a pain to take things in and out of the bag. I also don’t like how it sticks out. Plus the chain tends to slip off my shoulders. So if you don’t truly love it, I’d recommend not buying it.
  8. I love my boy bags I have 2 of them. One from 2014 when the first caviar boy bags came out. I also have sold 3 of them already, one was a small size and 2 were just too trendy. Either way boy bags have been here for a while and more functional to me than the classic flap bag due to the fact that you can wear them crossbody. If I would’ve to choose, I would buy the boy bag.
  9. I have a black caviar Boy bag, purchased in 2014 and I loved it for years until I took it out to wear it one day and I noticed it had turned bronze! It’s made me fall out of love with it and I’m actually thinking of selling it now. Before then I would never have even considered selling it. Also, I wish I’d bought the old medium size. I have the new medium and I feel it’s too big as I like to wear it crossbody. It is very boxy. I like how edgy it is and I don’t see them around as much as the classics.
  10. excited that you're looking into a chanel bag. I'm in my 30s too... Buy what you love... chanel is addicting so I'm sure this wouldn't be your last. Once you buy your first.. you might start finding yourself liking all the bags.. lol.. I tend to buy what I want at that moment. I love my chanel boy bag for different purposes compared to my classic flaps. Like everyone said.. in terms of investment wise.. it's hard to say because if you buy it now and sell within the year or a few years.. you will lose money (if bought new in the store.. and it depends on the type of leather; as well as the style: color, hardware etc..)... however, if you have it for 10+ years and chanel keeps increasing the price (which is likely because they increase some random bags every year)... you may break even or make some money but it's really hard to say.. it really depends on the trend at that time too on what people want.. this also goes for heirlooms.. Good luck! :smile:
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  11. Personally, I think the only true heirloom-worthy Chanel bag right now is the Classic Flap, but I wouldn't buy it if you don't think it works for you, unless you're okay with having it just to have it.

    Instead I would recommend you go for a bag that you will actually use. Who knows, you might not care about bags in the future, but at least you have memories of how much you've loved carrying a bag that worked for you.
  12. Boy bag is definitely awkward to carry. I love mine because it was my push present after having my daughter. So special to me for that reason.
  13. No. It’s not an heirloom just a beautiful distraction. Classic .., is just that x
  14. I just wanna make sure that it doesn't become near 0 value like my balenciaga

    I might try classic again though. I love the boy but it does seem inconvenient for one handed opening and closing of the bag.
  15. Not a fan of the boy bag. I do love my classic fwiw!
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