Chanel Boy Flap Fluro Black/Neon Yellow or Navy Pink?

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  1. This is a fun bag to add to the collection. Which combo of colors works?
    Help me choose? Thank in advance.

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  2. I like the navy & pink one! GL deciding!
  3. Tough choice! I would probably pick pink and navy
  4. I like both, but if I'm gonna buy it, it will be the pink
  5. So cute! Navy and pink gets my vote!
  6. If you're looking for a standout piece I would go personally with the black and neon yellow only because the navy pink one was less than thrilling in person. I also do like the white and neon yellow version that they did but of the three combinations my heart is set on the black yellow.
  7. I vote for the black and neon yellow!! :smile:
  8. I like the black with neon yellow. :smile:
  9. Hey girl !
    I'm going to look at these this weekend
    Thanks for your assessment -
    You thinking for a fun summer bag?
  10. Pink and navy
  11. I'm going to vote for the neon yellow. I've seen both of these in person and there is an extra "wow" factor on the neon yellow compared to the pink.

    Having said that, I don't think you can go wrong either way. These are gorgeous bags!
  12. I like the black with neon yellow! :smile: Seems so much more fun & unique - you can't go wrong w/ either one!
  13. Both are pretty….the neon yellow though is just wow….I love it. :heart:
  14. I like the black with neon yellow more but both are pretty.
  15. black and neon yellow!