Chanel Boy chain problem

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  1. Looking for some help. I bought my Boy a month or two ago and have used it three times at most as its lamb skin and I baby it, I have the antiqued gold hardware and have noticed it's going silver where it's rubbing/clinking together. Is this normal?! TIA
  2. Could you maybe take some pictures?
    It does not sound normal..
  3. Hi, I have a 2015 navy lamb boy with brushed ghw, mine is ok with no brushing/rubbing marks. Can you post pictures?
  4. Mine is the navy lamb with antique gold hardware (not sure if it's the same as auntynat), and I can definitely see that the gold on the chains are not as gold as the buckle. It looks pale gold now, with some parts almost silver. I checked with the boutique and they told me it's normal due to perfume or constant rubbing with hands. But I don't spray perfume on the chains and the fading on the chain is quite consistent. None on the d rings and buckle though.

    I've used the bag regularly for the past year.
  5. It sounds like this is worrying you, so you should go back to the boutique. It's such a big purchase you need to look at it and love it, not be looking for new flaws. I would take it back and ask them. Be brave, you didn't buy it that long ago, a good SA/FA will be responsive so don't hesitate to check.
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  6. Yes, I agree with auntynat. Also some pictures would be helpful.
    And please share your experience going to the boutique with your bag, it can maybe help others. Best of luck!