Chanel Boy Caviar Leather! Please teach me everything I should know!


Jul 27, 2020
Hello everyone,
My name is Annie and I am new to PurseForum. I recently received my first Chanel bag as my bday gift from my boyfriend. Luckily, I got a LeBoy old medium in black quilted caviar leather and vintage gold hardware. However, I just found out that they are different types of caviar leather and all in different quality (smooth/dry/thick/etc). This started to make me worry about the choice I made like what if the caviar I have is not good or should I return this bag and wait for the better caviar.

This is my first Chanel bag so I have no idea how to identify the differences because I don't have other caviar bags to compare with. I don’t even know how the dry caviar should feel like. It just feels like leather to me...? To be honest, I think my bag is not as shinny as I expected. Perhaps the 2020 cruise collection is more matte and my bag is from the 2020 cruise collection. Does anyone here have the same bag or same caviar can tell me the quality of our caviar? I also attached pictures I took with and without flashlight. Please educate me:biggrin: thank you all.



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