Chanel boy bag? A must have?!

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  1. I’ve been lusting over the Chanel boy bag in calf with rhw old medium. Black

    For context - I have 3 bags in my collection currently.

    A vintage supermodel tote
    A m/l cf SHW
    A 226 reissue ghw
    A Woc Classic SHW

    I’m wonderinggggg do you guys think the Chanel boy bag is a must have? Their price points seem soooo crazy and I have yet to find a good one preloved.
    Thoughts? I love it cause it seems like their style can be used casually which is how I mostly dress. Also love the crossbody.
  2. I personally never liked the Boy Bag, I always thought it was too boxy and structured for me.. I was pretty much a classic flap girl because they're just a tiny bit less structured. One day I just woke up and changed my mind completely about the Boy.. I ended up going to the boutique and trying one on and fell in love. I let them know the exact bag I wanted and two weeks later, they gave me a call that they received the combo I wanted and I went to pick it up the next day. I'm surprised but it's probably my favourite bag out of my entire handbag collection. Considering I never liked the Boy, that is quite funny :lol:

    For reference, as far as Chanel bags go, I have a Mini Rectangular and a Jumbo, both black.
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  3. No, it is absolutely not a "must have". But if you like it, it's a practical bag, nobody i know regrets getting one.
  4. I love my Boys. I have five or six of them in different colors and sizes. I have many many many bags so I don’t use my Boys a whole lot but I think they are beautiful. I like that they can transition wonderfully from day tonight.
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  5. I think it would be a nice addition to what you have. I love my boy bag.
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  6. It is in my book. It is a very comfortable and functional bag. I use it more than my jumbo.
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  7. I don’t think anything is a must have unless you really love it !
  8. I don't think it is a "must-have bag", but it definitely fits a specific part of life, that is, casual date nights or casual nights out with friends, the key word being casual! (I have an old medium black caviar with RHW.)

    I can wear it crossbody but probably would not want to wear it that way all night. The chain is rather bulky and starts digging into my shoulder if I wear it crossbody for too long. That said, I would never part with the bag. It introduced me to Chanel!
  9. Depends on your style, I guess. And if you’re into cross body bags, then I would say it is probably a must have.

    For boy bags though - Personally, I only prefer a ruthenium hardware and black leather combo or So Black.

    I find gold and bright silver hardware on Boy bags way too much, loud and almost tacky because the chains are already big. It’s an eye sore. Not feeling the shiny chains this season either. So yeah, ruthenium or black hardware soften the overall look of Boy bags imo.

    Just make sure you’re 100% in love with le Boy if you want to add it to your collection.
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  10. for me personally it is a must have but go with what makes your heart sing❤️
  11. While I really like the look it doesn't scream "OMG MUST BUY NOW" to me like the Reissue. So not a must-have in my book. I still have a few other purses (mainly H) on my wish list before I would consider buying a boy bag. But to each their own.
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  12. Thanks everyone!!!! Still on the hunt for my elusive preloved boy bag lol.
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  13. I do t think it’s is a must have, I sold mine.
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  14. I enjoy that it can go day to night for the “medium” size pretty easily. Its also not too too dressy - more of a young funky casual vibe. I also like that part of the chain is leather... so when I wear it crossbody I don’t have only a metal chain digging in my shoulder. The leather strap makes it much more doable as a crossbody. I have even worn the “new Medium” one crossbody with no problems. If I go single strap on my jumbo CF, my shoulder starts complaining. I have never tried the very large sized one. I think I would have issues lifting that large flap up to get into it as well. But will depend on your height.

    For your first one, I would stick with very classic (quilted caviar) and a dark color (black or navy) so you aren’t worried about color transfer when you wear it. Since its not lined in leather, it feels lighter to me than a double flap. I think some of the non caviar bags are made with lambskin or calfskin. So if you like the smooth look, I would go Calfskin if you can find it for durability purposes. For me this bag is more of a workhorse than my beautiful CFs. Good luck finding what you love!!!
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  15. I've had own a handful of Leboys and sold them all.
    They look really chic but somehow i don't fancy the big flap. Not a must have for me; but can be a must have for others especially it looks really handsome and some how uniquely Chanel.

    I enjoy admiring it from afar.
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