Chanel boxes + travel.. 1st trip to paris!! !

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  1. This may seem like a silly question, but does anyone know or could anyone pretty please measure for me the dimensions for the boxes that package the 2.55 reissue medium 226 and the m/l classic? I will be making my first trip to Paris/Europe in 2 weeks and I wanted to use this as a deciding factor for luggage buying purposes. Please help this American tourist, Merci beaucoup!!
  2. I would like to know as well, since I'll also be going to Paris in two weeks as well.
  3. Is this for your carry on luggage?

  4. When I went to Paris, I had one carry on roller and a big roller (50lb) between me and my husband. We didn't pack too many things in the big roller because I knew I planned to bring home a chanel classic flap with the box. Coming back, I put the chanel box & flap along with gifts in my carry on and then all the clothes/shoes in my big roller. I didn't want to risk anything happening to my purse. Plus at custom you have to be prepared to show the purse if they ask, so it's better to have it in the carry on. I've read a lot of horror stories of people putting their new purses in their check -in and then when they landed in the states all of their expensive stuff were stolen. The chanel box fits perfectly in a carry-on roller. I've carried it like this to other parts of the US too! HTH.

  5. I was planning on putting the box in my check-in and carrying my bag into the plane. I just hope it will fit in my check-in...

  6. Thank you for sharing! This helps a lot. My boyfriend are planning the same. Two carry-on rollers and one large check-in roller. I wanted to put the box in the check-in on the flight home along with liquids (properly stored of course) along with our inexpensive things and some gifts and carry our valuables in our carry-on's and just carry my new future purse on the plane with me. I hope I won't have any problems with the box fitting in a large check-in?
  7. I have a longchamp fold up tote. I carried home my jumbo double flap in box in it last July. The good news is the tote folds up to nothing if you don't use it.

  8. 😮 it fits with the box in the tote??? I have a tote as well! C'est incroyable! What an idea and awesome reference point.. Thank you!

  9. Oh yea! I read this tip too while doing my research. So some people put their jumbo or new purse in their long champ purse so that it wasn't too obvious carrying a chanel/new purse around the airport ... Just in case to avoid custom tax.

  10. With the box though? I never would have thought
  11. To be clear my longchamp is the duffel not the purse. I had it packed with all my goodies from Paris. It was perfect. The Chanel jumbo, a goyard wallet, shoes from Hermes and a huge Eiffel Tower I got at the airport.

  12. Ah ok.. That makes sense. Thank you for clarifying!
  13. The magnetic box comes flat packed so you can ask the SA not to assemble it. It's easier to transport when flat. HTH

  14. Does it make it considerable wider?
  15. Just call one if the France boutiques and ask them.

    I called a few times before my trip last Summer. Their numbers are on the web site and if you download google voice , which you are going to need anyway the call is about 5 cents a minute from the USA.

    I called several to find out where the bags were that I wanted , the best time to go to which boutique and much more.