Chanel Box - Where to find?

  1. This is probably along the lines of looking for a dustbag....

    All my Chanels have their appropriate dusbags...however, two do not have a box....

    They look so naked without one when the rest of the family is resting nicely in their boxes...

    Any suggestions on where to find some boxes for them?
    Obviously, I can go out and buy regular cardboard boxes but it would be OPTIMAL if I could find some RESPECTFUL boxes for them!

    Thanks for all your input!:yes:
  2. If you have a regular SA you work with, they will definitely give you one. If you don't have a regular SA... on your next purchase at Chanel/NM/Saks/Nordstrom, you can ask and I am sure they will give you one. They have plenty in the back (and even dispose of some).
  3. oh thank you~! i will make sure to do that on my next purchase!
  4. That is a great idea! I have around 2 handbags also that doesn't have a box! Thanks too! :smile: