Chanel Box Question

  1. Do all bags come with boxes? Just wondering as I couldn't find anything on this.

  2. :yes: I always got boxes for all Chanel purchases (purses, sunnies, jewelry) from my local boutique. but I once read some threads, that there are some Chanel boutique who didn't provide box for your purse purchase. HTH :flowers:
  3. I always get boxes. I am not sure if this policy is applicable at all store.
  4. I usually have my local C b to order bags for me as they don't bring in much stock.Whenever so,the bag didn't come with a box-for lower shipping costs as they claim-but eventually give me one when they receive new stock again!I'm referring to Chanel b in Vienna and there was also a thread if I recollect right about the C/b in Heathrow airport ,London not giving boxes either!
  5. Yes no boxes in duty free, but I always get a nice box from the London Boutiques.
  6. ^ i always get boxes unless i'm travelling and if i buy chanels during my trip, i'll throw the boxes away to reduce luggage weight. besides, i don't like boxes cause they are bulky and take up space, i love how my balenciagas can stack up and still look all fab but my chanels are too precious to have them lying around, so ultimately i still have to keep them in their boxes!

  7. Just have a question, it is always a foldable box? You know, a box that you can fold up from a flat sheet of board to make a box. Is it never like a shoe box you can't unfold?
  8. ^^My boxes are not foldable. They're regular boxes. The flaps that I have came with a nice sturdy box. The totes that I have came in flimsy huge boxes.
  9. Based on all my Chanel Boutique shopping...It really depended on whether or not the SA wanted to do it. If I don't know the SA, they often dont give me boxes.
    But my fav SA here in my town gives me everything b-4 I walk out the door.

    Important note: Establish some sort of relationship w/ one SA & you'll get everything you need w/out experience anyway

    Oh..Don't forget the duster!! I have actually walked out of the boutique lots of times w/out one 'cause they didn't put it in the bag ??!!
  10. Thanks for the info!

    I thought boxes have corresponding serial numbers (matches the authenticity card) on it so it always came with a box? I'm also wondering if the bigger bags like the GST, ultimate soft, coco cabas came with boxes? Will the price of a Chanel devaluate if I threw away the box?
  11. All the stickers come with the bag. They take them from the bag and attach them to the box. I have had bags shipped from a Chanel boutique in a Chanel Box (the white and black ones) with the unattached stickers which were in the bag.

    The last time I bought a bag at Saks (in Beverly Hills) over the Labor Day weekend, they told me that some bags are too big for the white and black boxes and so you get a plain white box without a Chanel logo.
  12. when i bought my PNY handheld it didnt come with a box but i asked the SA to give me one and she found a standard box that is different to the box that comes with the flaps.

    i think they do keep standard boxes for misc items
  13. I always ask for the box.
  14. My medium flap came in a rigid "shoebox"-like box. It does have the sticker on it. My GST came in a big box which can be flattened. I was hoping for a nice hard box like the other, but I believe the stores (Nordstrom, in this case) cannot afford to take up space with huge non foldable boxes. I don't think the big box is really sturdy. The last LV bag I purchased did not get shipped in a LV box, but the bag before had a similar to Chanel fold-down box. My chanel shoes and boots are in beautiful boxes.
  15. All four of my GSTs whether from Chanel Boutique or NM came in a fold-able box ( large box but flimsy) that folds down to a pretty flat profile...but large.

    The rest of the classics, flap, madison, reissues, clutches, etc. are in the sturdy boxes somewhat like that of a shoe box, I have never looked at them in the attempt to try to unfold them...