Chanel Bowling Cambon question

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  1. How many sizes are there for this bag? I went to the Chanel Boutique over the weekend and only saw one bag, a black one with white CCs.

  2. There are two, the mini and the regular.
  3. What are the measurements of the mini and medium?
  4. mini is very small. medium is enough for daily usage and can be carried on shoulder. here you go with the ad before.
  5. i cant wait to get my one!!! i'm SO excitied!!!
    anyway, as far as i know these are the measurements for the medium one... well the measurements of the one i'm getting... 11 x 6.5 x 4.5 (inches)
    i think this bag is so beautiful! :love:
  6. helenNZ: Thanks for the measurements! I can't wait to see pics! :biggrin:

    Anyone know if the this bag comes in black with black caflskin CCs?

  7. hey honu
    yeah it does come black on black... but im not too sure if it was like a limited thing or not... i havent seen many around.