CHANEL boutiques, NM, Saks in CA....nice selection??

  1. I may be going to CHANEL this wkend. I've only gone to the CHANEL boutique in the Southcoast Plaza (CA)...I was thinking of taking a drive to some other CHANEL boutiques, NM, Saks...

    Possibly the following stores: (haven't decided which to "possibly" visit)

    CHANEL Boutique on Rodeo Dr.
    NM Newport City Drive (Fashion Island)
    Saks on Wilshire Blvd.
    NM on Wilshire Blvd.
    NM on Friars Rd. (Fashion Valley Mall)

    Which has the best selection to choose from?? How are the SAs?? I don't have a NM near me...only a Saks which is at the SCP. They don't carry Chanel there though..(since they have CHANEL in the mall).

    Neway....How is the selection at NM and Saks?? Do they only have a few Chanel bags on display/to choose from or...Are they like the CHANEL boutique, with a good assortment to look at?:shrugs:

    TIA!! :flowers:
  2. Why don't you drive up to Beverly Hills. You can hit Neiman, Saks and Chanel Boutique in one trip.
  3. Ya, that sounds like a good idea!:yes: LOL that's what Dh suggested.
  4. the chanel boutique on rodeo is smaller than the chanel boutique at scp (at least the handbag section is). i don't think they have as good of a selection as scp. i think the saks on wilshire, neiman on wilshire, and neiman at fashion island are all about the same size and tend to have less handbags than the chanel boutiques.
  5. I was just at saks, nm, chanel in beverly hills and they had a great selection IMO. I havent been ever been to SCP so Im not sure what there boutique has, but head on over to wilshire and u can hit up all three boutiques.