Chanel boutiques closed, help!

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  1. I was supposed to be buying my first Chanel bag this upcoming week for my birthday but all the boutiques are closed around my area due to coronavirus. Is there another way to buy other than preloved? Thank you ❤️
  2. I think Hirshleifer’s on Long Island can ship to you if you know what you want. The boutique is closed, but they have personal shoppers that can ship items.
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  3. Unfortunately, I think it just calls for extra patience and delayed gratification. I am so sorry you might not be able to pick it up in time for your birthday. However, when stores do reopen, you will have a lovely bag waiting for you. Best wishes for a very Happy Birthday!
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  4. Nm in nj! There's an SA on Instagram that goes in a few times a week to ship orders. Her Instagram is coco.christina
  5. I have a personal shopper at Bloomies not sure if she is currently selling tho, she keeps posting stuff on ig stories.
  6. I also have a great Chanel SA, not sure if they are currently selling but you have to have a shopping history at a chanel boutique
  7. Hasn't chanel closed nationwide in US? If it is a leased boutique, is she still able to ring? In my area, they can not go in and can not send.
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  8. Bummer, but I understand the necessity to close boutiques.
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  9. They are closed, but managers are still in regularly.. And some sales associates are able to come in just to ring and ship items.

    She should be able to ring and ship to you. Just text her and ask!
  10. Check out saks_mojie on Instagram, she is working from home, I see her selling shoes, not sure abut bags but you can ask
  11. The shoes, interestingly, are Saks owned but the handbags and clothing are chanel owned from what I understand. Still definitely worth OP looking into though as things may vary by location as far as selling capabilities during the crazy times we are living through.
  12. All Saks have not changed over. There are a few out there that are still Saks owned/operated.
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  13. I find my desired to buy anything gets more diminished by the day -- where will I wear/use it? More important, WHEN.
  14. My NM SA is still able to sell items even though the store is closed. I’m still getting regular updates (pics) when new items arrive.
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  15. That's right. I get stuff/photos regularly from the personal shopper at NM. That might be a good option.