Chanel Boutique/Store stock - What have you seen where? NO CHATTING PLEASE!


Oct 19, 2011
This thread is for posting updates on Boutique and Store stock only.

You MUST post the location of the items, and please try to include photo and price to prevent questions and repetitive PMs.
No commentary please, it will be deleted.

If you wish to request SA information then do so via pm to the poster.



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Apr 21, 2021
21S Iridescent Red LAMBSKIN GHW Mini with Top Handle $4,300 from stand alone boutique

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I like this GHW Mini with Top Handle and am also looking for Caviar Quilted Small Coco w/ Handle.
I am looking for my wife as her push present (we are expecting) and I was wondering where this purse is located. I am near the Philadelphia region. I have been to NM in King of Prussia and Saks in Philadelphia. I've looked online for resellers, etc. I prefer new, but am willing to purchase in any manner as long as it is something she likes.
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