Chanel boutique policies

  1. Hi everyone!

    I have never shopped at any Chanel boutique before and there isn't one in my town :sad: I was planning on making a trip to the closest city (3 hours away) that sells chanel, I was wondering that if the store does not have the style you want, would they order it? Would they send it to your house or would you have to go pick it up?
    Also, do they have some sort of layaway thing? Thanks guys!
  2. If they have the style they will usually try and loacte it for and they will have it shipped... there is no layaway plan at chanel
  3. Oh gosh if Chanel had layaway everybody and they mama would have a Chanel bag:yes:

  4. Thanks! So will they ship it to your home? Or just to the nearest boutique? I was wondering about layaway because I want to call and tell them to put it on hold because I cant go until next month, but I doubt they would put it on hold for a month..
  5. Um I have heard of you paying half on advance and half when you pick it up... but thats not really layaway
  6. I know I would love if Chanel had layway what a great idea or monthly payment plan. :tup: