Chanel Boutique or Store Chanel?

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  1. Where do you have the best Chanel shopping experience?

    I've brought from Heathrow T3 and T4, Bond St, Sloane St and Selfridges but only ever had one bad experience at Sloane Street when one Asian SA looked at me for a second then very obviously looked away and stared off into space!
  2. Interesting. What was the significance of the race of the SA? My best was at Heathrow T4, but have had great experiences at NM SFran and at Chanel San Fran, and a small boutique here in the Hague. It was actually at Hermes in Madrid that I had a very negative experience - essentially ignored, so of course I bought something and watched as the SA's who ignored me lost the sale!
  3. The significance is I am Asian too, I heard her speak Mandarin to another customer, so when she looked my way I greeted her politely and smiled but I got this reaction from her. It is very iregular for an Asian SA to behave like this.
  4. I've only ever been to the Chanel boutique in Amsterdam,where I was helped in a very friendly manner,told it was a pleasure to serve me and invited to come back and browse at any time.

    I think that as in all areas of life,from the supermarket through the bank to the hospital,there will occasionally be individuals who are in the wrong job and who provide bad or no service.
  5. I actually agree with your second paragraph QuirkyCool, I must try harder to ignore this kind of rude behaviour.
  6. I have not yet purchased anything but when browsing Selfridges have always been courteous and friendly. However when I did want to purchase from Hong Kong Canton Road, SA looked down on me. Had the cheek to tell her colleague she couldn't be bothered to look up a product for me (I spoke English but can understand cantonese). So I left and bought a Balenciaga instead of a Cambon messenger.
  7. How annoying!

  8. Ive never had any problems at the Bloor St. locations but the boutique in the Bellagio in Vegas was a completely different story. Not only was i ignored but one of the SAs said my Chanel ring was counterfeit as Chanel does not manufacture sterling silver jewelry despite the fact that i purchased it AT a Chanel boutique :rolleyes: