Chanel boutique or Saks

  1. Ok, so I decided I'm definitly going to pick one of these Chanel CC earrings but now, I'm not sure where I should purchase them.

    If I purchase them from Saks, do they provide the same warranty and services that the boutique would provide?

    [​IMG] Small $225
    [​IMG] $180

    *once again sorry for stealing these pics
  2. Yes. They would send it out for repair to Chanel, but the warranty is the same.
  3. ^ I think return period is different though? If I remember correctly, Saks has a longer period for returns..
  4. which one is closer to you?
  5. buy whoever has it available.

    are you going to do a phone order or buy straight from the store?
  6. I live in New York, so they're both available, but i was going to purchase it in the store.
  7. There is a thread about Saks double points or EGC's. You might want to look at that first. If you can get EGC then I would definitely do Saks.
    They are gorgeous by the way.