Chanel Boutique in Malaysia

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  1. Hi, anyone know what is the price of pst in Malaysia? Thanks
  2. I would like to know the price too. TIA!
  3. Gst - rm8920, pst - rm6620
  4. Thanks babe!
  5. Hi there, anyone know how much is J12 in Malaysia? Thanks :smile:
  6. Anyone knows Chanel sales still on going?
  7. Dropped by today and sale is on for shoes and ready to wear. I didn't ask when sale ends.
  8. Anyone knows the price for mini square?
  9. Hi, may I check the price for classic jumbo caviar, classic woc caviar and if possible half moon stock and price.

    Sorry for the many question. TIA :biggrin:
  10. How much is the bifold cambon wallet in Malaysia?
  11. Hi, could anyone please let me know what is the current retail price for Chanel Classic double flap in medium and ini rectangle? Thankss!
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  13. Hi, has anyone bought bag from luxuryvalley_brandedbags in KL before?
  14. Anybody knows an SA in KLCC? Could you send me the contact information?
  15. Hi! Am visiting KL end of this year and am thinking of checking out the Chanel there. Anyone knows if tourists can get tax refunds?