Chanel Boutique in Malaysia

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  1. Sorry, I don't. You might want to call to find out. Their store number +603-27261818.
  2. ok, thanks for the no.
  3. Yes, they have stock in KL. They even have White caviar.
  4. Have anyone experience in exchanging bag @chanel klcc that bought in paris? I;m thinking to do that..please help,thanks!!!
  5. my fren done that for me before.may i know why u want to exchanged the bag?
  6. Hi! Anyone knows if there are any Boys in store? And the price range pls? Thanks !
  7. Hi rahma I end up keeping my maxi lambi..;)
  8. woww..congrats dear!maxi lambi is super gorgeous!!:biggrin:
  9. Thanks dear!!!;)
  10. How do you like the maxi ? Do you find it too big? Or just the right size?
  11. Hello samantha!! yeahh...never thought i'd love the size of maxi and never consider this size before...BUT when i try on it...i fell in love straight away because it's not that big IRL..,plus the chain length is perfect for me whether to carry on shoulder carry or crossbody(not too long like jumbo,sorry!)...and most important is the weight of maxi lambkin is surprisingly lighter than gst/caviar jumbo/caviar maxi when u fill things into it to compare compare:tup:
  12. Hi emjetz, it's good to know the maxi lamb is so lightweight. I'm surprised. I thought it could be heavier than jumbo caviar. I do find my jumbo caviar a bit heavy when I keep my things in it. Do you use your Chanel as an everyday bag, or for special occasion?
  13. She's my weekend bag now! :flowers:
  14. Great, im sure your new bag completes your dress. :smile:
  15. Hi there! What is the price for GST in Malaysia now?