Chanel Boutique in Malaysia

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  1. Hi all! I just moved here in Malaysia. Anybody knows an SA in KLCC?
  2. Hi, look for Madeline in KLCC, she is very nice!!
  3. You can try Sereen - she's very nice and attentive. She is more senior @ the boutique and I have a preference for more senior SAs.
  4. Yes, serene is nice n helpful.
  5. Thanks ladies!
  6. Hi - Is there a Chanel store at the KL Int'l airport?
  7. Nope! You can only buy Chanel cosmetics and fragrance @ the airport!
  8. Thanks krystl
  9. Hi may i know the price of Chanel yen wallet in malaysia? I'm not sure whether if they have it in malaysia or not. :giggles:
  10. Hi. It's RM2,530. Just bought the black lambskin SHW from KLCC Chanel in March.
  11. thanks for the info MashiBags! ^^
  12. Hi, Does anyone know how much a classic medium flap in caviar with ghw is in KL? More importantly, is it in stock... Thanks in advance...
  13. Hi everyone, does anyone know the selling price for Jumbo caviar at KL? Thank you
  14. Last I read in TPF is RM16,860.
  15. Thanks MashiBags, do you know they got ready stock there??