Chanel Boutique in Malaysia

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  1. Hi winnie

    i did some rough calculations for you based on SGD exchange rate @ 2.45..

    7250 x 2.45 x 0.95 ( 5% tax rebate) = RM16,874.38

  2. It's RM16,860
  3. Jumbo caviar is RM16,860 in kl
  4. which means its cheaper to get it in msia! :yes::yes:
  5. ^^difference is not significant, wherever is more convenient for you.
  6. anybody know how much is PST in chanel malaysia now??
  7. Anyone know the latest price of med flap and mini flap in kl?
  8. Anyone know the price of PTT in Malaysia?
  9. Anyone knows how much is a Chanel Chevron Medium in Msia?
  10. It's rm8230.
  11. Thanks!

    Was thinking of changing my bubble flap to chevron!

    Any advice from ladies out there if this is gonna be a smart move?
  12. How much is the GST in malaysia?
  13. rm 8920
  14. Thks!
  15. Dear all, these Chanel shoes launched in Malaysia?