Chanel Boutique in Malaysia

  1. hi ladies il be vacationing with friends to malaysia next month i'd like to know where the chanel boutique is located and how are the prices compared to US prices... tia !
  2. i did a search on and there's a boutique in KL in the KLCC building. not too sure about the prices there though, but i think the stock is pretty limited over there as i remember ringing them up once to ask about the python flaps and they sold out of it.
  3. i live here in KL.the KLCC store caters limited stuff.few bags from S/S07 just arrived last week.pricing wise, obviously its cheaper in the US.and the tax refund is not tht much.but u may find some things u hardly find any other place so its worth checking.hav fun on ur vacation!
  4. thank you zerodross and arman :smile:
  5. hey guys! just bumping up this thread again as i am going to KL at the end of the year.. does anyone know how much the medium flap is in malaysia after the price increase? or prices for any other bags? thanks! :smile:
  6. Completely agree with comment about the KLCC Chanel boutique store. Whilst it may not have the most extensive collections, you may just be able to find the items that are sold out everywhere. SAs there are also nice. Price-wise, it is more expensive than in the US and you get no tax refund.
  7. yingisy - RM8400 - for the medium flap in caviar, RM9000 for the medium flap in lamb skin. Exchange rate is USD1 - approx RM3.5. Prices stated here are after the price increase.
  8. ^ its cheaper to buy in Malaysia after the price increase? RM 8400 is only Aud 2715...maybe I should get one in Malaysia next February..
  9. Thanks for the info. Do they have any 2.55 bags? Also, how much is the tax refund?
  10. but the exchange rate is aud 1=rm 3 now.. so i think it will cost around aud 2800..
  11. oh well $85 is not that much difference considering the price increase in Aus
  12. Hi all, I am now in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for business ... and I think the Chanel in KLCC is quite fabulous... they have a small Classic flap with MM lock RM 8780 (!! I know some US ladies are looking for this) in dark brown, an E/W with MM lock in black @ RM 7130, . They have the camelia bracelet (Pchans has it) at RM 1780, alot of color combinations for the flats I have (see my avatar).... I am saying alot of different color combinations, white with black cap, latte with black, pink with black, light blue with black, blue with white.... I can only remember half of them... they also have the peep toe hight heels with the pink silk flower...(the one that Larkie has) actually in both pink and black... whoever is travelling to KL, definitely should check out the boutique...

    (Divide RM by 3.3 to get US$, if you pay by Amex)
  13. Iceearl, any colorful caviar flaps?
  14. ^ woot! thanks for the update IceEarl! maybe i should consider a weekend trip to KL? would you happen to know if they ship out of malaysia?
  15. Give the shop a call zerodross. ALL the SAs who work there are very friendly!! It sounds like they just get a shipment in. However, the stuff there is 20% ~ 40% more expensive than HK and they don't do sales tax refund. KLCC is next to Mandarin Oriental. You should definitely spend a weekend in KL. I love KL.