CHANEL boutique in Charles de gulle airport?

  1. Does anyone know if there's a CHANEL boutique in Charles de gulle airport? if so, which terminal?
  2. I would like to know this too! And also if it's before security or after in duty free.
  3. i'm fairly sure there isn't. but there's a hermès or two, a céline and i think a cartier. there are a few printemps and galeries lafayettes though but i'm not sure if any of them would sell chanel.
  4. thanks annanas
  5. Wow--I didn't see any luxury boutiques in our terminal when we were there in May.
  6. I was there too in April and I did not see any. I even switched terminals to get my VAT back. :smile:
  7. i was jsut in there adn there was nothing. no shops of any kind as far as i reember
  8. I remember a Cartier and Hugo Boss and literally nothing else apart from a news stand! absolutely nothing, its the most boring airport to get deylayed at :sad: especially when your in the terminal that collapsed a few years earlier and theres a major thunderstorm going on! it was horrible lol
  9. there's definitely an hermès how did you miss it? :wtf: were you in domestic?
  10. There is definitely a Hermes. No Chanel though.
  11. Need help ... Does paris airport have a chanel store? I read at 2006 hasn't yet.. And how aboyt now? Can anyone tell me? Because my friend going to airport this time, and I asking her to buy my chanel bag...thanks, o hope anyone can give me answer, IT HAVE ahhahaaa...
  12. I was just at CDG and the shopping is horrible. There is no Chanel shop at the airport. You can buy Chanel make up but that's it. There's also no Louis Vuitton. I was in terminal two and the only brands having stand alone shops were Prada, Dior, and Hermes but the selection wasn't great. Hope that helps!
  13. thank you..:smile: