Chanel boutique in Calgary

  1. Hi there!

    I want to get a new chanel bag and i want one of the ones that are black with a white CC sign on the side.
    But i was wondering how much those were at the Chanel Boutique located in Calgary.
    I heard they were a couple thousand but i want sure.

    Thanks so much! :heart:
  2. Different styles - different prices. Go to post in Chanel forum and you will get the answer that you want.
  3. okay thank you
  4. Hi there,

    I wanted to know how much a black chanel bag with a white CC logo is at the chanel boutique in Calgary.
    I heard they were a couple thousand but i wasnt sure.

  5. I didn't see you ask in the Chanel part of the forum, so figured I'd answer here in case it's easier for you.

    I think what you're thinking about is the Cambon line. It's the quilted leather with the CC's on the side/corner. I just bought a cambon large tote and it was $1595 + tax. They're getting harder to find though so I'd say definitely get one as soon as you can, the black with the white CC's is more scarce everyday. Good luck!
  6. Yeah thats the one im talking about.
    Wow thats expensive.
    Is there that much of a difference between real and fake ones?
  7. Hi!
    You've asked about fakes 3 times now. . . you'll quickly learn by reading here that we DO NOT Allow much discussion about fakes, they're completely illegal, unethical, immoral. . . .
    we do not support the counterfeit trade at all, ZERO TOLERANCE.

    Let's talk about authentict goods please:yes:
  8. I'm sorry, im just new here and im alittle confused.
    I really would like to get a new chanel bag
  9. Great, we LOVE to talk about authentic bags:yes:
  10. haha sweet,
    im not too sure what the name of the one i want is though
  11. Cambon.
    Take a look in the Cambon thread in our Reference Library, you'll learn a lot!
    If Cambon isn't correct, let us know.
  12. Where would i find that?
  13. I have only seen the white with black cc left in the boutique in calgary

    The pochette size is $925 (last I got mine a few years ago) you want the tote style or bowling bag ($1600)? There is also a messenger style which is $875 (very small size) and $1175 medium size. These are all prices in CDN.