Chanel boutique email in UK?


Jan 7, 2008
I posted this message in the UK forum here but noone replied to me so I repost it here. (Someone there said better to leave chanel bags for UK people :confused1:)
I need to know an email adress of a Chanel boutique in uk, but I couldn't find anything by myself searching in the web. I found all phone numbers but for me it's difficult to understand the language by phone whike i can good comunicate by writing.
Can someone here give me an email adress of a Chanel boutique? Not one in particular, just in UK.

Thank you very much


Jun 6, 2007
Sunny island in Asia
if you are only looking at chanel boutique, i guess you might need to call them since i remember reading that you will need to call to give your credit card information anyway and also check on the stock.
my personal experiences with Bond St boutique is that they are not that prompt on email and would still prefer you to call.

for other Departmental stores that sell Chanel in UK, i think there is a Harrods thread that have an email and you can email Selfridges using the email on their website. They are quite prompt in response. But, Selfridges don't deliver internationally.

If you really must communicate via email, i guess US SA are a better bet since they are really prompt in disseminating information through email.