Chanel Boutique at Venice, Italy (April- May '07)

  1. Chanel lovers.. i went to venice, italy just this april- may 2007 and i want to share some photos i took when i went. :smile:

    Chanel at St. Mark's Square... and that's me checking out the bags.. Hehehe! :drool:

  2. :nuts: Thank you for sharing!!
    I'm drooling over here, all those gorgeous bags! And you're looking fantastic too!
    So, what's in the Gucci bag? :p

    Did you have a great time in Italy?
  3. thanks for the pics, lots of goodies there.
  4. Wow! I'm sooo jealous! They have reds there!!!
  5. Wow, they have plenty of nice stocks.
  6. I wish i can be there too! Gorgeous bags there!

    Do u have more pics?
  7. Trishhh I was there during Easter holidays too!:yahoo:The boutique is so big compared to the one in Vienna and the SAs so friendly and helpful particularly one called Barbara-For three days I kept on visiting the Boutique as soon as we were getting off the boat in San Marco(lol!)because it was the first time I saw the red lamb with the new chain IRL-If I hadn't ordered it at home I would have bought the white lamb I fell so much for this!:girlsigh:
    Needless to say my DH was going WTF:wtf: with all this "sightseeing"hehe!Thanks so much for posting!:smile:
  8. Very nice store. Thanks for pictures.
  9. Great pix!!!! What's in your Gucci bag????
  10. I am so sad to see these fabulous pics, my BF and I just canceled our summer trip to Europe and I was So looking forward to some chanel shopping overseas.:sad:
  11. Great pics, thanks for sharing - look at that Kelly bag - gorgeous.
  12. Cool, thanks for posting.
  13. great pics! thanks for sharing!
  14. Beautylicious and LambLovesChanel, your welcome! ;) Inside the Gucci paper bag is a cream double g shoulder bag and a blue leather monogram with blue and white stripes messenger bag. Hehe! A birthday treat from my dearest mother. Hahaha! :yahoo:

    here's a picture of the cream double g shoulder bag
  15. chanelfans, sorry but those are the only pics i took.