Chanel Boutique at Venice, Italy (April- May '07)

Chanel lovers.. i went to venice, italy just this april- may 2007 and i want to share some photos i took when i went. :smile:

Chanel at St. Mark's Square... and that's me checking out the bags.. Hehehe! :drool:



Feb 25, 2007
Trishhh I was there during Easter holidays too!:yahoo:The boutique is so big compared to the one in Vienna and the SAs so friendly and helpful particularly one called Barbara-For three days I kept on visiting the Boutique as soon as we were getting off the boat in San Marco(lol!)because it was the first time I saw the red lamb with the new chain IRL-If I hadn't ordered it at home I would have bought the white lamb I fell so much for this!:girlsigh:
Needless to say my DH was going WTF:wtf: with all this "sightseeing"hehe!Thanks so much for posting!:smile:
Beautylicious and LambLovesChanel, your welcome! ;) Inside the Gucci paper bag is a cream double g shoulder bag and a blue leather monogram with blue and white stripes messenger bag. Hehe! A birthday treat from my dearest mother. Hahaha! :yahoo:

here's a picture of the cream double g shoulder bag