Chanel Bordeaux Reissue 227 is here.....

  1. :heart:

    DH went home with a secret gift for our anniversary.....It is a Chanel Bordeaux Reissue in 227....He has preordered this for me a while ago without me knowing it....:heart: I almost cried when I saw this bag popping up from the shopping bag....The box said it is Bordeaux...but it has more red tone in it ,I thought it was more wine color before when I saw the colro swatch. Here she is....:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
    chanel_reissue1.JPG chanel_reissue2.JPG
  2. You almost cried! HA I would have fallen over she's beautiful. CONGRATS on the bag and anniversary!
  3. Very gorgeous!! ;) hehe
    Enjoy it!!
  4. Congratulations on your anniversary and chanel bag!!! How sweet and nice of him!!
    Is this a caviar leather or ??
  5. OMGosh! It's absolutely gorgeous!!!
  6. Congrats!!! Its gorgeous!!!
  7. The color is GORGEOUS! Congrats!
  8. Wow ... beautiful bag! Your DH is super sweet ... I only wish my DH would surprise me sometimes. My DH is a good man but he is definitely not a romantic.:sad:
  9. OMG - that is truly GORGEOUS! Congrats!
  10. Very unique. I love it. Congrats.
  11. Soooo pretty! That's the first one I've seen of that color! Congrats!
  12. OMG it's BEAUTIFUL! I haven't seen the reissue in this color too... Your DH is so lovely & has wonderful taste!
  13. congrats!
  14. Gorgeous, this is the first reissue I've seen in this colour ! Congrats, it's stunning !
  15. :rolleyes: It is gorgeous.....the color, "est formidable"