Chanel # or name

  1. Does anyone know the style number or name of these boots? I saw these at the Chanel boutique at one point, but yesterday didn't see them anywhere. Has anyone seen these in either the boutique or NM? I'd like to have a pair for fall. Since my boutique didn't have them, I thought I'd call around. Thanks!:idea:

    Borrowed this pic from a tpf'er in the chanel ref. library. Thanks!

  2. I just tried them on last Sat. at Saks in Michigan. The phone #248-643-9000. They could give you the style number if you want to get them from NM.
  3. I have these at home..Im in the Airport right now in VA so I cant get u the # right now...I purchased them thru JULIA at SHORT HILLS,NJ CHANEL store.....She knows who JILL is..LOL....if u call her.......she can ship them to u

    NOTE-I took my normal size 8 1/2 in these boots..They ran big..Normally I take a 9 in the shoes and boots....
  4. I bought these boots a couple of months ago at Nordstrom in Seattle. I have not seen them at Nordstrom for a while. I went up my usual 1/2 size and I have an average width foot.
  5. Thanks girls! LOL Jill...I actually did call short hills since I used to shop at that store and I knew they sold shoes in that boutique. I didn't ask for anyone in particular and I just talked to the man that answered. He was very nice and I did get the style number and found out they are from the luxury line. Unfortunately, they didn't have an 8 1/2 (probably because you bought them Jill!!:jammin:), but I'll try to see if the boutique at tysons can order them for me. Thanks again!!!:smile:
  6. Good luck Molly, those boots are great!