Chanel boots - help!

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  1. I am so in love with these boots. Has anyone an idea where I could buy them in Europe? I have checked eBay but couldn't find them :sad: Also, does anyone maybe know the exact name of these boots? Or the collection of which they are a part?

  2. Oh I saw these boots too on Atlantis Home! Jane Aldridge has these in a white/black? tweed!!! They are gorgeous! She said she got them when she went to her fitting at the CHanel boutique in Paris during the Crillon Ball... They must have been from a recent season... Although I do not remember seeing these on any runway! Judy Aldridge found hers on ebay if I'm not mistaken. I hope you find some!
  3. Please, anyone?:shucks:
  4. anyone???? I want them sooo bad
  5. Here is another picture of these boots (only over the knee)


    Still no one who can ID them? :sad:
  6. They are from Fall 2009 and retailed in US for 1475 (although some places put them on sale) Hopefully this will help a little bit- style # G26912Y01552.
  7. DAM UR GUD! I'm so impressed Babyontheway!
  8. aww thanks:hugs:

  9. Thank you so much!! :flowers:
  10. were you able to track them down? Keep us posted:biggrin: