Chanel books

  1. Anyone have these?
    I think they come in a set of 3. . . they look interesting, I was thinking of asking for a set for Christmas.
  2. I own these two books:

    “Chanel and Her World” by Edmonde Charles-Roux -- This is one of the more-respected biographies of Coco Chanel, first written 25 years ago by a former editor-in-chief of French Vogue who was a longtime friend of her’s.

    “Chanel (Metropolitan Museum of Art Publications)” by Harold Koda, Andrew Bolton, Rhonda Garelick, and Karl Lagerfeld -- This was the catalogue book that accompanied last year’s exhibit in New York.

    Both are big coffee-table style books with lots of illustrations and pictures.
  4. I am getting the Chanel & Gucci Book featured on the Christmas catalogue. I can't wait. !!!
  5. Where can you get these books?
  6. I think I know the ones you are talking about. Are they the ones from Assouline? There is one on jewellery, perfume and the last is fashion. I have these, and I love them. I haven't really looked through them much, but they have some amazing photos from what I remeber.
  7. Gucci, arent those the 3 smaller books? I have those and love them on my coctail table too!
    GUCCI BY GUCCI: Limited to just 4000 copies worldwide. talks about Jackie O to Tom Ford. 13.5h x 10.5w x 2"d 452 pages. Retail: 150.00
    CHANEL BOOK: Jacques Halleu chronicles 4 decades, 300 pages. The first 1000 copies signed by author. 14.25 x 10.75 Retail: 125.00
  8. yes, they're pretty small and come in a little boxed set of 3 I think{?}

    Maybe I need to look into the others as well! :yes:
  9. i was thinking about getting those books from Neimans as well!
  10. I have been looking for a good Chanel book, but none out there are well reviewed. The only one that is considered decent is the one that Cosmopolitan suggested -- “Chanel and Her World” by Edmonde Charles-Roux.

    I'm thinking of ordering the Charles-Roux book, sight unseen. What can I expect?
  11. I got mine on
  12. swanky... there's a couple different ones that i know of for sure

    they have the small ones which (i think) you were referring to originally -uhm, we used to have them at kitson a while back... there was a box set of all chanel, and each had different things, i'm not exactly sure b/c it was a long time ago but i think there was a specific one for each like accesories, clothing, and a bit on coco.

    the small sets are made by a company that also puts out other designer bundles in sets of three -we had another one that was mixed with a chloe, chanel and...? (i forget, sorry) and they also make one with barbie too

    and there are one or two coffee table ones that are larger too that ive seen, but we only got one as a sample, so i didnt get to thumb through it, so im unsure exactly of the contents, but they should be the same as the small ones, just more extensive, perhaps??

    well... either way, you should totally get them, they are VERY cute... and you'll appreciate them b/c only true chanel lovers can! (i remember overhearing some customers thinking they were frivolous and dorky!!)
  13. I have the "Chanel and her world" book by C.E.-Roux. I ordered it from Amazon. It's really interesting and includes a lot of pictures of Gabrielle Chanel and her entourage. I had hoped to see more of the history of the clothing and handbags, :shame: but there wasn't enough of that in my opinion.

    The book is still really good, and I'm glad I bought it. It includes quotes attributed to Chanel, including this one: "True generosity means accepting ingratitude." I thought that was excellent! I recited the quote to my husband and asked him to guess who said it. He guessed the Dalai Lama!
  14. Swanky, I have that set of books that you're talking about. I bought it at NM the other day. Unlike "Chanel and Her World", this set of books actually concentrates on Chanel products (pics of models and old advertisements). The pics are GORGEOUS!!!!!
  15. Hi likeafeather -- what was the retail? I love looking at beautiful vintage fashion pieces!