Chanel Body Bag

  1. Hi everyone! Does anybody know if this kind of Body bag/wallet are still available in chanel stores?? I wanted to have this kind of bag for night out with friends so I won't bring a big bag. If not like this style, maybe similar to this. Thanks
    Body Wallet.jpg
  2. Yes. It's still available. I saw it last week in the stores. The SA called it the wallet on a chain. It's really cute! I saw it with gold and with silver hardware.
  3. Yes it's available, I saw it at the SF Chanel store as well! ;)
  4. Yes they also have it in a dark silver metallic which is very pretty--see the chanel website under accessories - fall 2007 - frame # 23. That is the wallet on chain, it retails for $1340. I believe the black leather is $1350.
  5. I have this bag, it's great, especially for nights out.
  6. Oh my gosh, when I real your thread title I thought you were looking for a chanel "body bag", I'm crazy! Hahah!
  7. Thanks, Ladies! Got to check their website now. But have you seen bigger than this wallet on a chain?? Other styles available similar to this???